Standard Operating Procedures

Safety tips for using nail guns

1. Read the manufacturer’s operating manual before you turn it on. Don’t let an inexperienced worker, relative or friend use a nail gun without training.

2. The nail gun user and everyone working at the site should wear safety glasses. A hard hat, protective footwear, and hearing protection also should be worn.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger when not firing nails. The center of gravity at the trigger makes it easy to fire the nail gun. Be careful! Keep your hands and feet away from the muzzle of the nail gun.

4. Never rest the nail gun against any body part, or try to climb a ladder with the nail gun cradled against your body. Never point a nail gun at anyone.

5. Watch out for other crew, family members or friends working nearby.

6. Never use bottled gas to power air-powered nail guns.

7. Always disconnect the nail gun from its air or electrical power source before reloading nails, trying to free a jammed nail or carrying the device out of your work area.

8. Never use your foot or knee to support wood you are nailing.


9. Never use a nail gun with a missing push lever and muzzle safety spring.


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