Our Mission

Injuries resulting from use of nail guns hospitalize more construction workers than any other tool-related injury. Most nail gun injuries are puncture wounds to hands and fingers, but some accidents have caused far more serious injuries and even death. It’s not just people who use nail guns who are at risk, but also people who work beside them.

We recognize that these tools are essential to the workplace, but we also know that many injuries can be prevented. In turn, prevention comes from understanding the best ways to operate nail guns, recognizing how some devices pose greater risks than others, and realizing that using nail guns properly can help make a work site more productive and safe.

Our knowledge of nail guns and their impact on people who use them comes from many years of combined experience in the construction industry and in occupational safety research. We have published this Web site to share what we have learned. We provide information about nail gun use to provide some training tools to help reduce injuries, save lives, promote safe work practices and to inform regulators and other industry stakeholders who can make the safe use of nail guns an even greater priority.